Tenants & Landlords

FREE mediation services are available to landlords and tenants in Milwaukee County.

How Do I Request Mediation or Get More Information?

Both tenants and landlords can request mediation or more information by calling
414-939-8800 or emailing apply@mediatemilwaukee.com.

What is Mediation?

  • Mediation is a free, private meeting where landlords and tenants work with a mediator who helps them find solutions to problems they are having related to the rental agreement and/or rental property.

Why Mediate?

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Avoid Court
  • Decide Your Own Solution

When Should I Mediate?

Sooner is better.  We encourage landlords and tenants to mediate before an eviction action is filed to get the greatest benefits out of mediation.  However, you may mediate before or after a filing to address these challenges and more:

  • Rent payment missed, late or partial payment
  • Maintenance, repairs, pests
  • Breach of lease agreement terms
  • Communication problems
  • Disruptive behavior / 911 calls
  • Security Deposit / Payment for damages

Where Are the Mediations Held?

  • Mediations for cases where that have not been filed in court may be held over the phone, or at an available location within the community arranged by Mediate Milwaukee.
  • Mediations for Small Claims Evictions cases are held in the Milwaukee County Courthouse on Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons.

Who Are the Mediators?

  • Our mediators are trained professionals with an understanding of landlord-tenant regulations.
  • Our mediators are neutral, meaning they do not judge or decide for the parties what they should do.
  • Our mediators work to help the parties understand each other and come up with solutions to the problems they’re having.