Instructions for DMM Portal

Wisconsin Foreclosure Mediation Network (WFMN)
DMM Loss Mitigation Web Portal Instructions for Lender Counsel

Step 1:  When you “Accept” to mediation Register
to Use the DMM Portal

  • Go to  Under “Create an Account”, select “Default
    Attorneys” and click “Go to Registration”.
  • Complete and submit the registration information.
  • Your account will be reviewed and approved by DMM.  You will receive an email advising you that your account has been accepted.

Step 2: Assist in Registration of Your Servicer Client

If your client has not previously registered, instruct them to contact Igor Roitburg by email at or call 859-663-2928 to complete their registration to the portal.

Note: Servicers must register specifically for the WFMN program even if the servicer has previously registered to use the DMM Portal for other programs.

Step 3: Track & Communicate

  • You will receive email notification of any new activity on the Portal.
  • Mediation Program Administration will upload the borrower’s financial package within 2 business days of the Lender/Servicer agreeing to mediate, and will identify potential mediation dates.
  • The Lender/Servicer has 5 business days to acknowledge receipt of the package through the Portal and advise of any additional information or documentation needed.
  • The Homeowner, with the assistance of their Housing Counselor, has 10 days to submit the additional requested information or documentation through the Portal.
  • Once the package is deemed complete, the parties can continue to message each other through the Portal and/or provide additional information and documentation.

For complete details on how to use the Portal, please download the User Manual which is available online under the Tools section of the Portal after you log in.

Call DMM at 1-800-481-1013 or email at