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Find and click on your county on the map or on the list of counties at the bottom of this page.

You will automatically be directed to the page for your Regional Administration Center.  There you will find contact information for the Administrator and a list of forms by county, including the Mediation Request Form.

Completing the Mediation Request Form for your county & sending it to your Regional Administration Center is the first step of the three-step application process.

Three-Step Application Process

Step 1:

Within 30 days from the date you received the foreclosure Summons, complete the Mediation Request Form and return it to your Regional Administration Center.  If you are deemed eligible for mediation, you will receive the name of your assigned housing counselor within two (2) business days.

Step 2:

Call and meet with your assigned housing counselor and help them put together a complete financial package. Promptly collect and deliver to them all of the items they request. This step is critical. This should be done within two (2) weeks or sooner.

Step 3:

Pay to your Regional Administration Center the fee.  Fees vary by county and are found on the Mediation Request Form.

PLEASE NOTE: You are not “in mediation” until you have completed all three steps. Once you have fully completed all three steps, you will be considered “in mediation.”

Regional Administration Center Map

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