About Regional Administration Centers

Five New Regional Foreclosure Mediation Administration Centers

The most populated cities in counties with the highest foreclosure volume have been invited to host the regional administrative centers.  Those cities are:

  • Green Bay
  • La Crosse
  • Pierce
  • Oshkosh
  • Wausau

The Map of Regional Administration Centers identifies which counties are included in each Center’s region.

Mediator Training

To be successful, each center needs trained proficient mediators.  The Network staff conducts periodic training at various locations throughout the state to ensure that there are a sufficient number of skilled mediators to meet each Center’s demand.

Housing Counseling and Modification Packages

Aside from insufficient household income, a homeowner’s greatest obstacle to obtaining a loan modification is their inability to supply a complete and current application.  HUD Certified Housing Counselors are trained to assist homeowners in this effort, but there are some parts of the State without these services.  The Network provides homeowners with referrals to agencies that can assist them, at no cost.

With these services, homeowners can be adequately prepared for their mediation session and increase the likelihood that they will be eligible for an option that will take them out of loan default.