Welcome to the Wisconsin Foreclosure Mediation Network

The Wisconsin Foreclosure Mediation Network (the Network) was created in 2013 with support from Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen and the Wisconsin Department of Justice as a comprehensive response to the foreclosure crisis in our state.

“The Vision of the Network is that foreclosure mediation services will be available to all Wisconsin residents so that foreclosure occurs only as a last resort, after all other reasonable efforts to rework the loan have been exhausted.”

The mission of the Network is two fold:

(1) To employ mediation as an efficient, neutral, voluntary, and confidential vehicle to bring about mutually satisfactory results to parties in a residential foreclosure, and,

(2) To maintain a shared network connecting all Wisconsin foreclosure mediation programs through a single website, hotline, and regular conferences to facilitate the exchange of best processes, practices, knowledge, technology and resources.

Although the Wisconsin Department of Justice no longer provides monitary support for the program, it continues to operate with support of the local courts and through fees paid by the participating parties.

Links to Most Frequently Requested Information:

Important Note to Milwaukee County Residents about Program Fee:

Milwaukee County Clerk of Courts and the City of Milwaukee have contributed funds to support the Program, so Milwaukee County residents pay only $200 of the $400 program fee for applications received on or after 2/15/2016.

Wisconsin Foreclosure Mediation Network

Toll-Free Hotline: (877) 721-6262
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 633
Milwaukee, WI 53201